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CNC Mills and Lathes by MDA Precision
Tel: 408-847-7796

5-axis CNC Systems, Benchtop Milling Machine and Benchtop Lathe Solutions

MDA Precision offers the very best benchtop milling machine and benchtop lathe systems in the industry.   Including complete 5 axis CNC milling machine systems, micro drilling machines, benchtop manual mills, lathes, and more. Our benchtop milling machine systems are made in Germany and USA providing the best quality and reliability. We have also custom developed and created our own milling machine systems to support our customers needs, made right here in our shop. Expect only the best in quality and functionality from MDA Precision. 
MDA Precision also offers Turn-Key Custom Engineered Solutions for specialty applications. If you need a custom solution or interested in our line of benchtop milling machine and lathe systems please Contact Us.

Our Products

5-Axis CNC Mill
3 and 4 Axis CNC Mills
Benchtop Milling Machines
Benchtop Lathe
Benchtop Manual Lathes


Machine Features and Options

- 5-Axis CNC Simultaneous Systems
- Automatic Tool Changer Option
- Advanced 6-Axis Control System
- Application specific Spindle Options
- German Reliability and Rigidity
- CAD/CAM Software Partners
- Great Customer Service and Support


Machine Applications

R&D, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Medical, Aerospace, Education, Automotive, Jewelry, Dental and many other applications where accuracy and reliability are essential.
Watch our 5-Axis Mill in Action

Customer Projects
If you have any questions regarding our Benchtop Milling Machine and Benchtop Lathe systems please call us at (408) 847-7796 or EMAIL US
 5-axis Mill
 5-axis CNC
The MDA Advantage:
MDA Precision strives to offer our customers a complete service that will exceed their expectations. It all starts with taking the time to communicate with the customer and understanding their application. This allows MDA to recommend the very best Benchtop Mill or Lathe for the application and lets the customer rest assured he is getting the right machine. Whether the application requires a manual lathe or a 5-Axis CNC Mill, MDA Precision dedicates it’s time to make sure we sell you the correct machine.
Service and support after the sale is just as important. Customer questions or support issues on our 3, 4 5-axis mill and Lathe systems are responded to as soon as possible and MDA will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running.
Please call us today to experience the MDA advantage for yourself.

Some of our Customers and Partners Include:

Naval Special Development Group, NAVY SEALS, Edwards Air Force Base, Sandia Labs, Veteran Research Hospital, US Army, Northrop Space & Defense, Lockheed Martin, Boeing Corporation, Institute for Defense Analysis, General Electric Infra Energy Program, Hitachi Nuclear Research, Bosch, Nissan and Honda Formula 1 racing teams, Volkswagen USA & Germany, Jaguar, Aston Martin, RODE Microphones, Lisk Space & Defense, Goodrich Space and Defense, Cleveland Clinic Medical Research Center, US Air Force, Bayer USA, Cardia Medical, Medtronic, AGA Medical Research, Tyco Healthcare, Massachusetts General Hospital, Howard Hughes Medical Instruments, Dolby Corporation, Brown University, CALPOLY University, MIT, University of Southern California, Oxford University, Nottingam University, Manchester University, Harvard University, Millersville University, University of Pennsylvania, UC Santa Barbara, Louisiana Tech University, Portland State University, Biodesign Institute at ASU, Miami University,
Swiss Technical Institute Lausanne. University of California, San Diego.
And Growing Everyday!